.GOV PH Uptime / Downtime Status
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Some services are down

As of January 28th, 3:43 PM HKT

Are PH Goverment .GOV Websites down? Here are some Vital Online Government Services in the Philippines. We monitor uptime and downtime of government websites. This is a website down detector to check GOV.PH outages and uptimes.

Note: Sites that seem to be down can have a strict firewall policy blocking uptime - downtime monitoring

Is your .GOV PH website down?

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Current status by service
Not monitored
Office of the President - https://president.gov.ph
Office of the Vice President - https://ovp.gov.ph
Senate of the Philippines - https://legacy.senate.gov.ph
House of Representatives - https://congress.gov.ph
Supreme Court - https://sc.judiciary.gov.ph
Court of Appeals
Official Gazette of the Philippines
Social Security System - https://www.sss.gov.ph/
Government Service Insurance System - https://www.gsis.gov.ph/
Department of Trade and Industry
Securities and Exchange Commission
National Telecommunications Commission - https://ntc.gov.ph/